Sherry Matheson


Strategic Change & Collaborative Innovation Specialist,

Sherry Matheson develops leaders who create organizational cultures that innovate, time and again. She believes that in a world of continuous disruptions that innovative leadership is a necessity for the future success of organizations, to enable them to drive new ideas and have creative and impactful collaborations. Leading innovation requires a different kind of leader: a leader who creates an environment where people are willing and able to collaborate; a leader who is conscious and intentional of their roles and responsibilities in leading innovation. Sherry works with executives, managers, and entrepreneurs who are ready to create innovative organizations through engaging their teams in collaborative projects and transforming individual effort into a single coherent collective work.


Sherry brings 25 years of experience working with teams in various settings – corporate, legal, engineering, health & wellness, and team leadership development to her coaching, facilitating and consulting services.  She is a graduate of the Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching Program and CTI’s Leadership Training Program.  She is certified in Myers-Briggs, Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i 2.0), Lumina Spark and Leader 360, and Adpro/Prosci Change Management. Her background is in the legal field with a focus on customer relations, oil and gas, and corporate governance.

As a coach, Sherry is insightful and fully present, bringing a deep compassion and conviction for her clients and who they are becoming.  Sherry’s strengths include flexibility in order to manage all the different variables.  She keeps clients focused, reminding them of what is important.  She genuinely wants to understand her clients and their goals, what is holding them back, so they can move forward powerfully, taking risks and reaching their full potential.  She is an achiever. This shows up in her coaching and how she facilitates and encourages innovative and collaborative leadership.  She ensures her clients accomplish and achieve something tangible in every session. 

Sherry is past Membership Director of the ICF Calgary Chapter & Chair of the first ICF Calgary Chapter’s International Coaching Week Committee, Chair of the Mentoring Committee of BPW Calgary.  Sherry also worked with CRIEC on their Mentoring Program and currently Sherry is co-leading the 2016 Women in Leadership Mentorship Program.

“The leadership of innovative teams and organizations is a necessity for the future success of organizations to drive new ideas, have creative and impactful collaboration, in a world of continuous disruptions.”                                                              -Sherry Matheson

“We’re not just making up how to do computer generated movies, we’re making up how to run a company of diverse people who can make something together that no one could make alone.”                             -Ed Catmull, cofounder, Pixar, and president, Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios